Frequently Asked Questions - Ariana Competition

FAQs - Ariana Competition

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, the rules may not be as clear as they might be. These questions may help to clarify some of the issues that have been brought to our attention in the past.

If your question is not answered in these FAQs, contact the Competitions Chair. If your answer can be found here, you may not receive a reply.

The entry form and upload form information may be completed by anyone, but the information must be the artist's information. Of course, the artist's permission must be obtained before entering for him/her.

The only exception is the Contact eMail on the entry form. This must be the email of the person who will receive the upload instructions.

EPIC only accepts payments through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make a payment to us. 

When you click on the Submit button on the bottom of the entry form, you'll be taken to a payment page. You do not have to log in, though the login option will be there. There's an admittedly small link under the log in where you can pay with a credit or debit card, much as you would do on any website store. Click on this link and fill in your credit card information.

Many people think PayPal is not secure and that may have been true in the past. However, we would not use the service if we were not confident in the security.


We tease that our Competition Drones aren't able to figure out where to put stuff that doesn't come in through the entry process correctly, but that isn't really true. They really are pretty smart...for minions.Competition Drone

We use specific information from the entry forms to match payments for entries to their uploaded files. When correct information is pulled from the entry and the upload form -- including the covers themselves -- we can identify entries and match them to the correct entrant much easier. Plus, then we have the correct information we need for contacting entrants about their awards!

If you upload two different artists on the upload form, we won't have information about one of your artists.

We would hate to get confused and send an award to the wrong person because someone combined two contestants' cover art on one form.

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For the purposes of the Ariana eBook Cover Art Competition, entries must be original works. This means that you used your creative talents to craft cover art that reflects the content of an individual book.

You may use stock art, but the format, color, addition of other elements, and other techniques make the cover art your own work. The finished product should not look so much like another cover that the use of the stock art is obvious.

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Pay attention to the category codes. These are listed in the rules. If you don't use the correct code, your cover won't be placed in the correct category.

1. Naming your file: Open your .jpg/.jpeg file and select "Save As" to save your picture with a different name.

A dialog box will open with the name your file already has. In the space where you see the name, type -- with no spaces -- the category code, a hyphen, the full title of the represented work (the book). Click "Save" and you are done! You have just saved your picture file as a copy of your original picture, just with a different name.

2. A simpler, and sometimes faster, naming method: Open your file manager. Find your picture file. Right click over the file name and select Rename. The name box will become blank and you can type in the correct new name and hit Return. Voila! Your picture file has been renamed.

Note: Your file may move in your File Manager after you rename it, since File Manager likes file names in alphabetical order.

If you have any questions, contact the Competitions Chair.

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We can only offer suggestions, but covers that represent the category in which they are entered seem to do best.

If the book is cross-genre work, say an erotic fantasy, you could place it in the Erotica category or in the Fantasy/Paranormal category. If your cover for this book is highly erotic, say, nekkid people in a tight clutch, then Erotica is probably the best choice. If it's got more Fantasy elements, like a dragon, a witch's caldron, maybe magic handcuffs, it could go into Fantasy/Paranormal very comfortably.

Think it over and select the category where you believe your cover fits best.

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The Ariana eBook Cover Art Competition is voted on by EPIC's membership.

Entries are judged on the quality of the art and evaluated on the success of the cover to promote and sell the book. Elements also taken into considerations are the readability of the title and author's name, as well as the manner in which the cover reflects the genre of the book.

Finalists are chosen after the first round and move to a second round, where the best cover is chosen from each category.


Asking EPIC members to vote for your cover will result in getting all your covers booted.

Only one trophy is awarded for each winning cover. In the case of co-artists, the shipping information provided on the entry form should be for the artist who will receive the trophy. 

When there are co-artists, you need to contact the Competitions Chair for details on how to get a duplicate trophy.