Frequently Asked Questions - disqualification

FAQs - disqualification

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, the rules may not be as clear as they might be. These questions may help to clarify some of the issues that have been brought to our attention in the past.

If you need more information, or if our answers are not clear, contact the Competitions Chair. Your query may not receive a reply if your question is answered in the FAQs.

There are any number of reasons for an entry to be disqualified. Here are the most frequently encountered ones:

An entry is downloaded with the filename 919954867.pdf.

The right filename allows us to figure out which file belongs to which entrant. If you do not follow our naming criteria, we can't know which weirdly named file is yours. The upload form has a field called "Filename," where you type your filename. Correctly typing your filename will not affect the actual name of your file. Check out "How Do I Rename My Entry File?" This FAQ walks you through naming your upload file.

Advance Reading Copy or Review Galley

Seriously? Yeah, we've received ARCs and Review copies. Obviously, you don't sell ARCs or review copies, so don't send them to us.

Previously entered books

Did you decide that even though it didn't win last time, you should give it another shot? Shame on you! If it's been entered before, even with a different publisher or title, or any other changes that you've made to it, it's still the same book.

Inappropriate content

We are a pretty open-minded group at EPIC and are, as an organization, dedicated to inclusion and acceptance, but our rules indicate where we draw the line.

We do recognize that historical accuracy may allow for very young protagonists and you'd have to live under a very large rock not to know that kids are engaging in sexual activity at a young age, but pedophilia is a crime. The situation may be used as a plot element, but we don't accept books that depict pedophilia as an acceptable life choice.

We're huge fans of the paranormal and follow the general consensus that states shape-shifters are not animals, so the bestiality prohibition does not apply. Same deal for aliens who evolved from cats, dragons, skunk bears, whatever. They're all good...really good. Zombies may be undead, but that means they're not corpses...right?... so, in the icky case of zombie sex, well...okay. But sex with corpses...stone-cold dead corpses, is too icky...yuck...pew...blech.

Snuff...well, do we really need to explain this? If you don't know what that is then you don't write it, so don't worry about it.

There are some actions that over-step most people's comfort zones; using children and animals in form of unacceptable fashion is one of them. There are acts which, though there are clearly consenting adults who enjoy them, are so far out of the mainstream that we will not ask our judges to read about them.