Frequently Asked Questions - forms

FAQs - forms

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts, the rules may not be as clear as they might be. These questions may help to clarify some of the issues that have been brought to our attention in the past.

If you need more information, or if our answers are not clear, contact the Competitions Chair. Your query may not receive a reply if your question is answered in the FAQs.

Let's go through the whole upload form and look at each field. We'll give you suggestions on them.

PayPal Transaction ID will be included the upload instructions email that directed you to the upload form. It is best to copy and paste the ID from the email into the field. If you have paid for two entries, make sure you have completed both entry sections before you click on "Submit" because the ID may only be used once.

All eMail fields require a valid email format. This means including the "@" symbol in the email field. We need these to be valid so we can contact you with any issues that may arise.

Publishing Company means the name of the publisher of the entry. If you are Self-published, enter Self-published in this field.

Publisher's email address can be the email of anyone who can answer questions regarding your entry. Enter these as valid email addresses with the @ symbol. If you are Self-published, enter your own email address.

The Buy Now link is where the book can be purchased. This requires a URL link, which goes to the publisher's or author's page where the book is displayed for sale. A link to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or other on-line vendor may also be used. We just need to be able to quickly verify that the entered book is for sale or has been for sale during the eligibility period. Copy and paste works really well here.

Category: Select one category from the dropdown box. 

Word-count should be entered to the closest 500. For example, for a book of 45,789 words, enter 46,000. If you are entering a short work from a collection (i.e. anthology), and the short work contains 15,425 words, you should enter 15,500.

Sexual Heat, Explicit Language, Excessive Violence, Religious Content: These items require you to select the rating you deem appropriate for these content areas.

File Upload: When you click on "Browse" your computer will open your File Manager. Find and select your entry after checking the filename! If it is not in the format Category-Title.pdf, you must rename it. See "How do I rename my entry file" in this list of FAQs for the correct format and help renaming your file.

Be aware, our system can't read and only knows that something was entered in the upload field. It will not verify that you've entered the correct book or that it's named properly. We're looking for a smarter system that will work for chocolate.

Repeat all steps for Entry Two, if you paid for two entries. Otherwise continue to the Spam Check and click "Submit."

If all the sections have been completed and contain the correct information--at least as far as our system knows--your entry will be uploaded and your information will be added to our records. You will see a notice at the top of the webpage, after you click "Submit," that will tell you that your entry was received as well as a confirmation email at the email address you provide us.

And if you still have trouble, you can ask the Competitions Chair for further assistance.

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