EPIC's eBook Competition is now closed for entries.

Please read the rules carefully before entering. Consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information before sending questions to the Competitions Chair. Get your questions answered before you complete the form. Changes will not be made.

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Eligibility and Rules

Entries will be accepted from June 1, 2017 through July 31, 2017.

Entry Fee: $25 for EPIC members, $35 for non-members.

  • Payments will be made electronically through PayPal. It is not required that you have a PayPal account to pay for entries. Credit card/Debit card information may be used. Look for the link on the payment page. Be aware that eChecks may take up to five days to clear.
  • Once payment has cleared, an acknowledgment of receipt of payment and a link to the upload form will be sent to the Contact email address.
  • There will be no extensions. Take this into consideration as entries which have not been paid at close of the competition will be disqualified.
  • In the interests of upholding the highest standards of excellence in electronic publishing, EPIC and EPIC's Competitions Committee retain the right to dissolve any category, announcing no finalists or winner, if the judges determine no entries in a particular category should be named finalists. In such a case, no entry fees shall be refunded.
  • At the discretion of the Competition Committee, categories not meeting the minimum criteria may be canceled and entry fees refunded.

To be eligible, works must be:

  • in English.
  • published and available for sale in eBook format to the public between June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017. Publication dates are required and will be verified. Self-published works are eligible if they meet entry eligibility
    • Electronic versions of books previously released in print format may be entered if the eBook version meets entry requirements.
    • Re-released eBooks may be entered, provided they have not been entered before.
  • submitted in non-DRM (non-encrypted) PDF format.
  • as the product sells; the uploaded entry must be the same as what may be purchased by the public.

Rules of entry

  1. Before uploading your file be sure that you have named your file correctly. The categories are listed below.
    • The filename format is category-title, for example: YR-MyDogOzzy. For help on renaming your files, refer to the FAQs.
  2. When entering a short work or novella which is part of an anthology, send the entire anthology. Rename the file to reflect the individual story or novella being entered. If entering more than one work from an anthology, a separate file for each entry must be submitted.
  3. There is no limit to the number of qualifying works that may be entered by each entrant but no entry may be entered in more than one category. If you are entering more than two (2) books, you will need to complete multiple entry forms.
  4. If a publisher enters on behalf of his/her authors, he/she must complete a separate entry form for each author being entered. In the case of co-authors, the entrant information should be the "primary" author's, or the one who will be shipped the award.
  5. Once a book is accepted into the competition, it cannot be withdrawn.
  6. Any of the following will result in disqualification without notification or refund:
    • Non-compliance with the rules.
    • Improperly named files.
    • Advance Review Copies or Review Galleys
    • Works portraying pedophilia, bestiality (does not apply to Paranormal shape-shifters or aliens descended from cats, dragons, etc.), necrophilia, and/or snuff as acceptable sexual practices
  7. The following word counts apply as noted:
no minimum Young Reader; Poetry; Nonfiction
up to 20,000 Fiction Short Works; Romance Short Works
20,001 to 29,999 Novellas may be entered either as a Short Work or in a category.
over 30,000 All other categories

No changes will be made during any stage of the competition due to entrant error.

 Codes and Categories

A more thorough explanation can be found at the FAQ. Hints on selecting your category are in the FAQ. Please review the categories carefully. The left column contains the codes to use when naming the entry PDF file.

HO Horror
NF Non-Fiction
PO Poetry
SP Spiritual
YR Young Reader
Fiction Romance
FC Contemporary RC Contemporary
FE Erotica RF Fantasy/Paranormal
FF Fantasy/Paranormal RH Historical
FH Historical RS Romantic Suspense
FM Mystery RX Science Fiction
FS Suspense/Thriller    
FX Science Fiction    
Short Works
FZ Fiction Short Works
RZ Romance Short Works

EPIC Members-Only (Login Required) eBook Awards Competition Entry Form

Refunds will not be made to members who use the Public Entry Form.

Public eBook Awards Competition Entry Form

Direct questions to EPIC's Competitions Chair.