While the competitions are obviously about the entrants, we wouldn't be able to pull this off without our judges. We appreciate the participation of authors, publishers, and editors. Thank you for your support!

Consider the judging schedule when indicating your availability and how many entries you can take:

  • Preliminary round judging - after August 5 through September 4.
    • Judges will read first three chapters and evaluate the entry, much as an acquisitions editor would.
    • Categories exempt from the Preliminary Round are: Children's, Short Works, Poetry.
  • First Round judging - September 10 through October 9.
    • Judges will read the entire book in this round.
  • Final Round judging - October 15 through November 14.
    • Judges will read all finalists in the category assigned; maximum number of finalists will be six.

 All confidential information will be protected and used only by competition personnel as required for contact purposes.

Download the eBook Judge Instruction Packet.

eBook Judging Form
If you typically use your pen name rather than your legal name, please enter it and use it as your name on the scoring forms. We will use this name in our correspondence.
Provide your telephone number, including area code. If you live outside the United States, please include your country code. We will only use this if there is some urgent need. Otherwise, all contact will be conducted via email.
Enter your mailing address. A street address is preferred.
This is used for EPIC's statistical purposes. Our guest judges are always welcome. There is no difference in assigning EPIC members and non-members.
In order to avoid assigning you books in a category you have entered, please indicate the categories you have entered or will enter. You can select more than one category by holding down the Control (ctrl) key as you choose.
Next, you'll select your preferences for judging. Do not select any category you intend to enter or have entered this year.

Select as many categories as apply. Hold down the Control (ctrl) key to select more than one.
Select the range indicating the number of books you will judge in a given category. Assume a "normal" sized book of 70,000 to 100,000 words.

Please keep in mind that the Preliminary Round only requires that you read the first three (3) chapters of each entry you are assigned. We ask that you take at least ten (10) in the Preliminary Round.

We ask that you take at least five (5) in the First Round, where you will read the entire book.

In the Final Round, judges will read all the finalists in the assigned category.
Indicate your comfort level from 0 ("Don't want to read any of it.") to 9 ("I'll read anything.")
Please indicate whether you are willing to read entries which may include Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and/or Transsexual (GLBT); or bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism (BDSM) content.

Such content may be a major or minor part of any entry, regardless of category.
I agree to judge each entry on its own basis in accordance with EPIC’s eBook Judging Guidelines. I will maintain contact with the eBook Judging Coordinator or Competitions Chair, referring all issues with received entries to him/her as soon as possible. I will handle scores, opinions, and other information acquired by me during this judging process (including the names of the works and the authors of the works assigned to me) with complete confidentiality.

Should I breach confidentiality by sharing any specifics related to my judging assignment with anyone other than the eBook Judging Coordinator or Competitions Chair, my scores will be discarded and I may be barred from participating in any of EPIC's competitions at the discretion of the Competition Committee and Competitions Chair.
Enter the text exactly as it appears.