On April 4, 2009, EPIC's Publishers' Coalition adopted the following Code of Ethics. Membership in the Coalition and adherence to the Code is voluntary, but the publishers listed below have agreed to the member guidelines in order to facilitate good business practice and communication between publisher and author.

We, the publishers of EPIC's Publishers' Coalition, do subscribe to this Code of Ethics.

  • We sell books in many different formats, but one thing we have in common is that we sell electronic editions of our books. A manuscript, once prepared for publication, is a book, no matter the format.

  • While we publish using many different business models, we hold this to be self-evident; our primary purpose is to sell books to the reading public.

  • We pledge to contract for only such rights to the works of our authors that we reasonably expect to utilize during the term of the contract.

  • We will abide by the spirit of the EPIC model contract, as that document appeared on the EPIC website in March 2009, with such modifications and adaptations such as are reasonable within our specific market sectors and business models.

  • We pledge complete disclosure of any, and all, terms prior to author's signing a contract.

  • We pledge to full financial disclosure to our authors concerning the method of calculating royalties, including all expenses, if any, deducted prior to the computation of royalty payments.

  • We will pay royalties promptly according to the terms of the contracts we have with our authors.

  • We pledge to be open to audits of our business records concerning authors' royalties, according to the terms spelled out in our contracts.

  • We will keep channels of communications open with our authors, with the understanding that both we and the authors will hold as confidential all such communications.

  • We will maintain as confidential, at author's request, as much as that is possible, the legal name(s) of any author(s) choosing to write under pseudonym for our houses. The normal course of action is to respect the pseudonym. However, the legal name attached to that "pen name" may have to be revealed to bookkeeping staff, editing staff, attorneys, etc, in the normal course of operations; also, revelation may be compelled by law enforcement, the courts, or others, in extraordinary circumstances.

  • We will, as much as we are able within the limited purse and time constraints of small press, assist our authors in promoting their books. As our authors prosper, so do we.

  • We will release the rights to the work to the author or author's representative, according to the release terms of our contracts.

  • Above all, we pledge to be open and fair with our authors.