Welcome aspiring authors!

While EPIC, The Electronic Publishing Industry CoalitionTM, accepts only published authors and industry professionals into our membership, we do want to provide aspiring authors with some tools to assist them in becoming published.

As part of that initiative, we have a few articles that may be of interest:

EPIC Publisher's Coalition Members and Code of Ethics: Publishers that belong to EPIC's Publisher's Coalition have agreed to abide by a specific Code of Ethics when entering into contracts with authors as well as in their dealings with authors. Please note: This list does not include all publishers in business at this time nor does it constitute endorsement of these publishers by EPIC.

EPIC's Model Contract: This sample contract represents what EPIC feels is ideal for authors today. However, this contract should not be considered legal advice or representation and each author should read and understand any document prior to signing.

EPIC's Red/Yellow Flag List: While each publisher in operation today adhere's to their own contract model, please review and understand the red/yellow flags listed in EPIC's Red/Yellow Flag List as these are items, should they be included in a contract, could be concerning for an author.

EPIC's eWorkshop Yahoo Group: This Yahoo group contains an array of free workshops on various writing related topics.  Feel free to request to join the group and peruse the archives at your leisure.  In the future, many of these workshops will be available on the EPIC website.

Over the coming months, EPIC will expand this section to include additional articles relating to the journey to publication.